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Wedding Dresses
I scooped up her train and led her to the mirrors. She stepped up on the pedestal as I fluffed out the train behind her. I grabbed a veil and placed it gently on her head. I gazed into her glistening eyes and knew...this was the one.
After being a bridal consultant for four years, I am proud to say that I know a thing or two about picking out the perfect wedding dress. It is definitely one of the the biggest decisions a bride has to make after getting engaged. Selecting the dress involves a lot of people, money, and dreams. It is no easy task, however, I have a few tips for newly engaged brides that are sure to help make the process smooth and enjoyable. 

Tip 1: Make an appointment This is one of the best things a bride can do for herself when shopping for a dress. Bridal consultants are trained and ready to help, however, on busy days brides without appointments can get brushed aside because they are not the priority. Brides with appointments are sure to get all the attention they deserve./strong 

Tip 2: Shop with an open mind. Most brides enter a bridal shop with a picture of the exact dress they are looking for. What if the shop doesnt have the dress Or the bridal shop does and the bride doesnt like it on her figure About 90 of brides I have worked with walk out of the store with a completely different dress than they were thinking they wanted when they first walked in. 

Tip 3: Do not try on anything outside of your budget. Everyone is going to fall in love with the 10,000 dress, that is why it costs 10,000 It is gorgeous Once a bride begins to try on things outside of her budget just for fun it turns into a disaster. Usually the bride falls in love with a really expensive dress and puts her mother or whomever is paying for the dress in a very tight spot. When the bride realizes she cant have the dress because it is out of her budget nothing in her budget ever compares and she leaves brokenhearted. Set a budget and stick with it.

Tip 4: Expect alterations. Absolutely no one ever gets away without alterations on their dress. Dresses are made for one type of figure which no woman truly possesses. At the very least, dress trains need to be bustled and the skirts need to be hemmed. Most brides need seams taken in or let out and alterations to sleeves, no sleeves, straps, etc. 

Tip 5: Bring as few people to the shop as possible. The more people a bride brings to her appointment the more opinions there are and the more the brides voice gets lost. The only opinion that matters is the brides. Everyone else that comes should be there for support and to ooh and awww over every dress. Especially true for the groom if heaven forbid he should tag along. 

Tip 6: There are exactly four different cuts of dresses. Try on each of them and decide which one flatters your figure. Dont waste your time and energy trying on a billion dresses It is confusing and a time waster. Be decisive It is your wedding day You will look great in anything that you feel beautiful in and yes he will love it too

Tip 7: Don't spend all the time and money on a dress that you're not prepared to take pictures in. After all, you need to look perfect for the wedding album, Wedding photographer Mexico is your best choice for this job.